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Breakfast Clubs

Ashbrow School

“Some of the children who had breakfast at the Early Morning Kick-off Club today normally have a real problem getting to school on time. Today our Learning Mentor didn't have to ring any of our families to find out why the children were not in school. A fabulous unexpected spin off.”

Dora Plant, Headteacher

Beech Primary School

"It's brilliant knowing we're able to give our children a nourishing 'Early Morning Kick Start' to the day. It makes us, as a school, happy knowing they have been well fed, had some fun playing and, of course, safely in school - on time - ready to start their lessons for the day. We are so very pleased and proud to be part of the Huddersfield Town Foundation, along with their wonderful sponsors. Thank you."

David Perring 

Berry Brow Infant & Nursery

“Go on Lewis, try it; it’s delicious!”

Christchurch Academy

"Breakfast Club gets me ready for my school day so I can work hard!"

Christchurch pupil (age 7)

Cowlersley Primary School

"The Early Kick Off Breakfast Club has been instrumental in moving the school forward. We've had an overwhelming response from parents and children and we are now serving around 90 breakfasts per day! The breakfast club has impacted hugely on attendance and punctuality figures too as children literally cannot wait to get to school. We are delighted to have been chosen as the 25th Early Kick Off Breakfast Club and are so proud to be involved with the Huddersfield Town Foundation. Thank you very much for making such a difference."

Monica Best, Headteacher

Dalton Junior & Infants

"We have seen improved diet and attendance, improved friendships and routines, improved family relationships at Dalton J.I.N School." 

Eastborough Junior, Infant and Nursery School

"Since you started to support our Breakfast Club we have noticed a huge impact on school life: It has given all our children the opportunity to acces a good breakfast for free, a great way to start the day (on time and socialising with friends and staff).

Staff talk about children being more ready to learn and starting their day in a happy way. We are very grateful for your support. Thank you so much."

Tracy Mahmood, Head Teacher

Ethos College

“The students at Ethos are really grateful for the healthy breakfast they receive every day, it really has made all the difference”.

Hillside Primary

“The Early Kick-Off Club has proved to be a resounding success and we predict that it will continue to thrive in the future, benefitting not just the children in our school, but the wider community as well. We owe a huge debt of thanks to MYCC, for sponsoring Hillside Primary in this initiative and are extremely proud and grateful to hear that this will continue". 

Hightown JIN School

"Ensuring children get the best start in life is at the heart of what we do here at Hightown. Working in partnership with the Huddersfield Town Foundation and the Early Kick Off breakfast club scheme will ensure that we can give every child a healthy, nutritious and fun start to each and every day."

Russell J Ingleby, Headteacher 

Lowerhouses CE

“I love my big bowl of porridge every day and have made lots and lots of new friends too. I am always up early now and never late for school – this is the best breakfast club ever!”

Kharis, aged 7 years

Netherhall Infant & Nursery School

"We want to thank you because our breakfast club is flourishing and very busy every day due to the kindness and generosity shown by everyone involved with the Huddersfield Town Foundation."

Katy Hall, Learning Mentor

Netherhall High School

Our breakfast club has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the students who attend, they seem more focused and engaged in lessons. Our breakfast club starts at 8am until around 8.40am, during this time we have around 30 to 40 young people attend. Some of our students help to set up each morning; they have taken ownership of the club and are eager to help.

It is great to see them develop positive relationships with members of staff, and seize the opportunity to socialise and bond with students from different year groups. Having time to engage with adults and peers at the start of the day puts these students in the right frame of mind for learning for the rest of the day.

What a fantastic opportunity for our students to start the day this way!  

Cat Willetts, Community Manager, Netherhall Learning Campus

Netherhall Junior School

“The Early Kick Off Breakfast Club gives our pupils at Netherhall a chance to enjoy a healthy and nutritious start to the day with their friends". 

Oak Primary

"We are so grateful to Huddersfield Town Foundation for helping us provide an Early Kick Off Breakfast Club that's free for our children. The range of foods available is astonishing and the children will love the much wider selection that's available to them. Thanks to the Foundation team for making this possible and for being so helpful in equipping the club and guiding us through the set-up process."

Old Bank School

“It is good to see the children at Old Bank interact at the breakfast table as they tuck into a healthy start to their day”.

Orchard Primary Academy

“Thanks to The Huddersfield Town Foundation, the children of Orchard Primary Academy get their morning off to a fantastic start with a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast Club is extremely well attended, serving more than 1000 breakfasts each month. This pleasant social experience offers an excellent choice of healthy food, which creates a calm start to the school day and has had an impact on improving attendance. Thank you to all at The Huddersfield Town Foundation, for your kind generosity, your friendly faces and for making a difference to the children and families of Chickenley”. 

Ravensthorpe Junior

“The Governors applaud your community initiatives and we are immensely grateful to have been selected as a charity partner. Something so simple as a breakfast is considered as a real treat by many children in our school who often do not enjoy basic opportunities which so many accept as a right”. 

Spring Grove Junior & Infant

“Children enjoy coming to the breakfast club and look forward to it. They see it as a fun time when they get to socialise and make new friends. Introducing breakfast to many of the children’s diets has made a marked improvement in their attendance, punctuality, achievement and readiness to learn. It is a real help to parents who have to go to work or drop siblings off at other schools.”

Bibi Laher 

Westborough High School

"At Westborough we only do things because our pupils need it, we know that our pupils live in an area of terrible deprivation and that many of them only eat when they are at school, if we don't make the effort to feed and support them no one else will. It is our job and our responsibility to provide the extra nurture that they need to become a useful and positive part of our community. Each morning therefore should start positively, with a friendly face, a chance to eat and be ready for the day ahead"

Staincliffe CE Junior School

“Our pupils love breakfast club at Staincliffe - It sets them up for the whole day. The breakfast is fantastic and the pupils also benefit on the social side of the club.”

Newsome Junior School

"The Early Start Kick Off Breakfast Club has allowed many of our children to have a quality start to their day. They come to class more alert and ready to learn. The development of social skills has received a boost too! We can't say thank you enough to the Foundation for the help they have given us!" - Andrew Hancox

Thornhill Jnr & Infants

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Our 'Early Kick Off Breakfast club' provides a fantastic opportunity for our children to meet up, socialise and have a healthy start to their day!”

The Head teacher, Michael Rowland 

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